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Welcome to Roomiz.

We make the experience of exploring buying/selling/renting options for a house easy for you and your loved ones.

Roomiz is a disruptive real-estate platform that is revolutionizing the property buying and selling activities and renting a house of your choice. Often you come across an intermediary or a go-between who exacts hefty brokerage while you have to engage in property transactions. The belief that sparked Roomiz was to rid people at the receiving end of property transactions from the injustice meted out by property brokers who exacted a massive brokerage and then vanished without fulfilling their promises or helping the tenants.

Roomiz has understood that the brokers’ existence is fundamentally due to the information asymmetry that is present in the real estate market and has therefore looked to provide a viable solution by removing this information asymmetry and ensuring a sprawling marketplace that encourages free information exchange without exacting any fee.

Our services allow you to find your ideal abode. These include:

  • With each property listing that has come our way, a thorough verification procedure ensued to make sure that there were no middlemen or brokers involved. The properties either have direct owners or shared accommodation parties. Our advanced techniques and heuristics are employed to create an absolutely broker-free property listing.
  • The lucid language and easy-to-use format present maximum information available on the properties that you can navigate seamlessly. Without being physically present before the property, you can form a wholesome idea about it. Therefore, you can cut down on loads of traveling and heaps of unpleasant experience and shortlist properties from your couch’s comfort. Land your dream property in a couple of hours by shortlisting and then zeroing on your perfect abode, with just a few clicks!

We even serve the landlords as they can advertise their properties at Roomiz. Reach out to us, and we will effortlessly list your property and help you find a desirable tenant.

For tenants, property hunting was never this fun and relaxing until you landed at the one-stop solution called Roomiz!


Roomiz is painstakingly curating listings of properties in various parts of the city by employing advanced heuristics and techniques to eliminate brokers and middlemen from the scene. We are dedicated to serving tenants to find their dream properties in a few hours. Our facilities also extend to property owners and landlords who can include their estates in our listings and reap maximum benefits.


Roomiz has been created with a vision to stabilize the existing information asymmetry in the real estate market by enabling buyers and sellers to interact through a centralized platform. The idea extends to eliminate the concept of brokers, intermediaries, and arbitrary money in the name of brokerage or consultation fees.

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